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Campaign Packages for Business

Campaign Packages

In our busy digital world, it can be hard for you as a business owner to keep in touch with your customers to keep your services foremost in their minds. To make life easier, Keycall Centres has designed 3 detailed campaign packages to make selecting your campaign an easy and pain free experience.

Business Meeting


Suits small business and residential

Business Meeting


Suits larger, established businesses

Business Team


Suits larger, corporate focused business

Alternatively, you can design your own campaign and have it run for as little as one day, or all the way up to a year, the choice is yours!

Flighting Campaigns

Designed for small business and residential

Telephone contact is the most effective and economical form of communicating, and communication is one of the most important aspects of our lives.


Our very popular Flighting campaign describes a business that periodically launches campaigns throughout the year.  Keycall Centres is your "Success In Action"


KeyCall Centres practices pure marketing and eliminates the need for the hard sell.


This package includes such things as, building trust and rapport with your customers, ensuring that loyalty and emotional ties are formed leading to increased brand marketing, sales and increased profitability.

Points of Difference

  • We accommodate a campaign to any business type

  • The generation of new leads and potential sales 

  • Work with your current database to refresh all leads

  • Set appointments for you to follow up with no extra booking fees charged

  • Includes all phone call costs and administration

  • Customer thank you campaigns and much more !!

Flighting Campaigns

Continuous Scheduling

Designed for larger, more established businesses

One-to-one communication through effective means of voice, letters, and email provides a professional yet personal opportunity for effective communication along with a well trained technician and a well written script becomes a powerful tool for your business.

Promoting your business with a personal yet professional touch.

Continuous Scheduling describes a business owner who markets continuously through out the year - they may change how they market, but it is continuous.

"Outstanding communication support is the key that Unlocks your Sales Opportunites"

Points of Difference

  • To meet the objective in the most cost effective manner

  • Appointment set with no booking fee charged

  • Includes all phone all costs

  • Measure marketing activities and identify the value it is adding to the business performance

  • Includes all administration costs

  • Continuously refreshing databases “Your database is your "Goldmine”

  • Our aim is not just to meet your marketing and customer contact expectations, but to exceed them

  • Test marketing activities and refine marketing process

Continuous Campaigns

Pulsing Campaigns

Designed for larger corporations

Promoting your business with a personal yet professional touch, we gain trust and build rapport with each and every contact that is made.  KeyCall Centres ensures to protect your integrity at all times.


A Pulsing Campaign with KeyCall Centres is described as when your business continuously markets, and alternates between large and small campaigns.


KeyCall Centres works with your Customer Relationship Management Systems.


The secrets to the success of all KeyCall Centres campaigns is consistency, continuity used in conjunction with a team effort.  We respect you and your business and want to help create an ideal image for your business in the eyes of your existing and new prospects.

Points of Difference

  • Increase Brand awareness

  • Accurately contact the target markets ie: users

  • Confirm the most effective way to reach the target market

  • Grow the business through marketing activities such as lead generation and direct marketing (no charge for secondary referrals)

  • Meet the objective in the most cost effective manner

  • Measure marketing activities and identify the value it is adding to the business performance

  • Test marketing activities and refine marketing process

  • Appointment set – no booking fee charged

  • Includes all phone all costs

  • Includes all administration costs

  • Continuous refreshing databases “Your database is your Goldmine”

Pulsing Capaigns

Our focus is growing your business.

Every campaign we undertake is different in some way. The prices listed above are to be used as a guide only and we recommend you contact us for your customised business proposal and obligation free written quote.


We pride ourselves on providing a quality product and ensure the utmost confidentiality with all of our campaigns.

Joanne M Nelson

Joanne M Nelson
Director & Founder KeyCall Centres

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