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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

The testimonials below reflect a small portion of our extensive list of clients. They express their satisfaction after working with KeyCall Centres and also detail a little about their profession.


At KeyCall Centres we pride ourselves on having strong, friendly, respectful, and appreciative business partnerships with our clients. Keep an eye out for our valuable strategic alliances which will pop up in the next few weeks.

5 Star Rating.png

Director, Atlas People Pty Ltd

By way of background, I am the Director of Atlas People Pty Ltd. Atlas is a Brisbane-based recruitment company that has operated for over 8 years. Atlas People provides recruitment services for regional & remote locations in 5 States and I am delighted to pass on my positive thoughts about Joanne Nelson.


I have been fortunate to have dealt extensively with Joanne during this time in her position as Managing Director of Key Call Centres. My business was referred to Joanne and she was introduced as someone who could assist our growing business with building a stronger database, complementing our B2B communication and securing a larger network of contacts. Joanne tackled the challenge with enthusiasm, & professionalism and the results have been outstanding.


Throughout my dealings with Joanne, I have been extremely impressed with her honesty & up front communication style. She was clear in her advisories and requests and gave timely and insightful feedback during our marketing campaigns. I am completely confident that she has helped position Atlas People to fulfil our potential. Joanne is a tremendous asset for Atlas People and someone I have enjoyed partnering with in my business.


Her significant experience across almost 3 decades in the marketing and B2B sector means she understands the complexities of our industry. More than that, she understands the sheer nuts and bolts considerations of running a business. I am available to comment further on Joanne Nelson and would welcome any contact to discuss her strengths and the value she has added to our organisation and potentially yours.

5 Star Rating.png

Deidre Marczynski, The CEED Program

The CEED Program recently utilised KeyCall Centres for a lead generation campaign. We gave KCC a list of companies and contacts from our database, who we had lost touch with and/or large companies/Gov’t departments where we needed additional contacts.


Thanks to KCC’s telemarketing assistance, we have achieved a record number of projects for this time of year. We have also generated solid leads for projects later in the year.


It was a pleasure dealing with Joanne and Christina on a day to day basis during our campaign…They were always professional, responsive and friendly.


We’ll definitely be utilising their services again soon.

5 Star Rating.png

Jae & Christian Krauter, DataNova

After many successful business ventures in Brisbane, my husband and I decided to start a business closer to home to have more time with our young family. Although my husband has had many years experience and expertise in the IT industry and is sought after in his field, he was always behind the scenes, not out the front seeking out prospective clientele.

The Sunshine Coast, although our home for 3 years, was a new territory when it came to business. Needless to say it was a little daunting to start with a very empty client base, so we decided to enlist the services of a professional company to get us heading in the right direction.

Joanne had done some work with one of the Brisbane companies my husband was involved with, for a campaign for new clients, with great success. So when it came time to find our own clientele, we knew that KeyCall Centres were going to be our first call.


Right from the first contact with Joanne from KeyCall, we found her very approachable, she knew her business and put a lot of effort into getting what we needed. Not only did she give us leads that were more than qualified, which made the sales all the more efficient, but being the first point of contact for our company, we found her to act in the highest professional standard.


I would recommend Joanne and the KeyCall Centres to any business that is either starting out or wanting to run a campaign for new clients or just in a slump to help sales.


We couldn’t thank Joanne enough for her services and for giving our company the very best of starts and wish only the very best for her company in the future.


Australia's Trusted B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Agency

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