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We make the phone calls that you don't have time for

Premium Australian B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Agency

Get To Know Us

KeyCall Centres is an All Australian B2B Marketing Company! In a nut shell, we make the phone calls that you don’t have time for. Established in 1999, we specialise in sales and marketing telephone calls you simply can't fit into your busy day to day schedule. 


As a premium lead generating business-to-business call centre, we’re ready and eager to help you build your businesses. Our telephone marketing campaigns will boost market penetration and increase profits. If your seeking the most cost effective way to market your business and services, KeyCall Centres are here to help!


We practise pure marketing techniques eliminating the need for hard sell.


100% Australian Telemarketing Services

Creating and driving new business opportunities is the most critical focus for businesses today. One of the most effective and economical ways for a business to create new opportunities and conduct marketing, is via voice communication and is the medium that we use to generate the highest degree of impact, interactivity, and one-on-one communication with our clients’ prospects. 


We pride ourselves on being a completely Australian owned and based telemarketing company with a team of highly skilled, articulate Australian telemarketers. We prefer to use the term ‘Marketing Technicians’, to telemarketers simply because we do not operate using a ‘hard sell’ method, but rather cultivate and manage your customer base by building rapport and appeal to your clientele.


Campaign Packages for Business

Business Meeting


Suits small business and residential

Business Meeting


Suits larger, established businesses

Business Team


Suits larger, corporate focused business


Our Team, 
Your Success

At KeyCall Centres, we are acting on your behalf, and consequently, we understand how vital it is to uphold your professional image at all times.


Our aim is to build a reputation of complete integrity, efficiency and reliability. We believe our ongoing development keeps us at the forefront of cutting edge technology and systems, enabling us success in creating customized marketing and promotional campaigns for you, our client.

Start a Conversation

Our aim is to provide our clients with a service that produces both new and updated leads, growing your business and generating more revenue.


Old or inaccurate leads waste valuable time and money and can be damaging to your professional image. Customer leads are the tools that our marketing technicians utilize to enable them to produce bookings efficiently. We are able to supply databases catering to your business, using your criteria, or freshen up an existing database that you may already have.


Our system quite often secures appointments through database building alone.

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