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Database Refreshment

Our aim is to provide our clients with a service that produces fresh, quality, qualified leads. Old or inaccurate leads waste valuable time and money and can be damaging to your professional image. Fresh, quality leads are the tools that our marketing technicians utilize to enable them to produce bookings efficiently and freshen up your existing database. Our system quite often secures appointments through database refreshing alone.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

This service provides a lot more than the ‘one phone call, not interested, see you later’ approach that seems so common. We operate using a ‘ no now, does not necessarily mean no next time’ approach, whilst still protecting your image and integrity. If a lead is too busy at the time of calling, not ready to talk just yet, not interested at the moment, or is unable to book at the time of calling, we will endeavour to keep this lead active by arranging another time more suitable for us to call.


Why do businesses choose KeyCall?

Don't want the hassle of staff that you need to train and monitor

You want more time on planning and structuring your business

You want more time to spend on other areas of your business

You want more time face-to-face with your valued clients

You dislike cold calling or it's just not your strength in business

Want to keep in contact with existing clients and establish new ones

How can we help?

KeyCall Centres can help your business with a range of services tailored for your growth needs

We are your Sales & Marketing department, without the extra overheads

We give you time so you can plan or re-structure your business

We appointment set for you, so you just turn up

We understand your database is a gold mine of potential new clients

We update your database with accurate information to keep it cleansed

We keep in contact with your established clients, and new ones

Our well trained professional technicians are a powerful tool for your business

We protect your integrity at all times

One–on–One Communication is the Most Effective and Economical Way to Grow Sales and Build Your Business.

We save you time and money - guaranteed!

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