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About Us

Our Values

Here at KeyCall Centres, we are acting on your behalf, and consequently we understand how integral it is to uphold your professional image at all times. Our aim is to build a reputation of complete integrity, efficiency and reliability. We believe our ongoing development keeps us at the forefront of cutting edge technology and systems, enabling us success in creating customized marketing and promotional campaigns for our clients.

Since 1999

KeyCall Centres was established in 1999 by our Managing Director and Founder, Joanne Nelson. The foundation behind this establishment is based on the understanding that for any business to be successful they need to be able to excel in finding and keeping customers.


This can be achieved through a continual source of qualified prospective customers that provide our clients with the sales opportunities that are crucial for continued growth. We also assist in building solid relationship management for their existing customers. Many businesses do not have the time or resources necessary to service these important areas of sales and marketing.


This is where KeyCall Centres will be able to assist you. A tactful, unobtrusive and professional communication service.


Joanne M Nelson

Joanne M Nelson
Director & Founder KeyCall Centres

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Modern Work Space

We're focused on a soft sell approach, gaining trust and building rapport for each and every call made

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